The Leaving Review

The Leaving by Tara Altebrando- 3.75/5 

“Hot air balloon.

Swallowed clues.

Old staircases.

Old books.

An unreturned boy.

She didn’t like any of it.

Didn’t like where any of this was heading.”

Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

This book starts off with five kindergartens returning after being missing for 11 years. They find out one boy didn’t return. They have no memory of where they were or who took them.When I first read this blurb I was immediately drawn in wanting to know more. 

The main characters in this book are Scarlett, Lucas, and Avery. There were a little too many people in this book. Six kindergartens went missing. It should have just been 3 or 4. Instead of all the returning children having equal amounts of POV, only Scarlett, Lucas and Avery (The missing boy’s sister) had POV chapters. The other children that were missing weren’t really that necessary in the plot of the whole book.

I didn’t like Scarlett that much but that is just a personal opinion. She seemed a little desperate to find a boyfriend etc. Lucas was for me a perfect addition to the book. He was mysterious and very curious which was a great element of this book. Lucas was the character that would always lead the adventures to go fine clues which I really loved about his personality. On the other hand Avery was a little annoying at times but she grew on me. She didn’t really care that much that her brother was missing. She just wanted to find him or his remains and move on. This part of her I didn’t really like. As the book went on she spent a bit of time with Lucas on adventures and that is when I thought she started to redeem herself.

All the clues in the book were really well thought out. Some weren’t answered in the end of the book and others were really creepy. I love it how all of the characters left mini clues for themselves to try and remember or figure out what happened in the 11 years they were missing.

In my opinion the book went on for a little too long. There were chapters that weren’t even needed to develop the plot. Even the ending didn’t really end properly, it was never fully resolved and i was a little disappointed about that. That is why i didn’t rate the book higher stars.

Overall this book was a very enjoyable but a creepy mystery that I recommend. It was a very unique story, something I have not read before. You can order this book from Bloomsbury, Book Depository, Booktopia, Amazon etc.  


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