The Crown’s Game Review

“Imagine, and it shall be.
There are no limits.”

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye – 5/5 stars

Lets just start off with… I love Vika and Nikolai so much, I couldn’t choose who I loved better. They both had their differences but ultimately I wanted them together. I shipped them throughout the whole book but it was inevitable what happened in the end. They were perfect enchanters and either of them would make a fine Imperial Enchanter.

The Russian element in this book was perfect and I loved exploring different Russian places.
I loved the idea of a fight to the death and how they don’t actually have to battle but impress the ruler, his son and country. All the magic cast was beautiful and reminded me how much I love fantasy. Overall the magical elements in this book were one of my favourite parts.

Throughout the book I was enjoying when the narrator was looking at the story from Vika, Nikolai or Pasha’s perspective but I was shocked when another character came in. I am pretty sure this character is going to play a huge huge role in the next book and I am really excited for that. The character was creepy but yet a again a very good pick up of the storyline to add another interesting and developing plot.

Tsar’s (ruler’s) son Pasha annoyed me for most of the book and I never really liked him. He was easily lead and didn’t even care for his friend enough to listen to what he had to say. The friendship between Pasha and Nikolai was a lovely element in the book but near the end their wasn’t even a need for that friendship.

Vika was a strong character with a father who was hiding a secret. She uncovers that secret through pain and loss but it eventually works everything out. She learns to put that behind her to focus on winning the game.

The Crown’s Game overall was a very interesting concept from a blossoming love, to friendship and magical elements. I enjoyed every second of this book and couldn’t put it down. The only negative comment about this book were some of the names and places were a little hard to pronounce but I powered through.

I recommend this book to fantasy lovers. Overall I rated it 5/5 stars it was very deserving of this rating. The cover is gorgeous, the plot is engaging and the whole story is very unique. You can order the book fromΒ Book Depository.


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